Deja vu for real, that’s what happened when l bumped into this dress in W.Armstrong & Son Vintage Store only it was a different colour again. I swear I’m being hunted by this dress, or l am meant to own one for life since l keep selling the ones l find. First it was the black one a few years ago and l found it in a vintage market, the blue one I found at the Birmingham Vintage Weigh and Pay Kilo Sale This time round as l was doing my charity shop and vintage shopping crawl l went into W.Armstrong & Son Vintage Store and l saw it again, so l had to get it. I don’t go out looking for this type of dress but somehow it just seems to find me. It’s a lovely dress to be honest and suits my body so it would be silly of me to not have for a while lol.
If l can go to three different places a find this dress then for people who have asked time and again for it, just go to Vintage Stores/fairs etc you just never know what you will find.


I did a bit of a DIY on my NewLook shoes, I’ve been wearing then religious lately and l just wanted them to look a bit different. The little red balls are from a fabric store and I got double sided tape…. it’s a temporary thing it doesn’t last.