I’ve found over the years that for me, finding the right pair of jeans is difficult. A few years ago a friend of mine in the States sent me a few pairs from Forever 21 and they were great. Is was first time to wear anything by forever 21. For a while these were my only pairs of jeans and they lasted longer than l expected but then again l don’t wear jeans that often. I’m more of a dress and skirt kinda girl. Well l visited Forever 21 to find a few pairs of jeans after trying a few high street stores with no luck. I tried on six pairs and with luck 4 of the pairs l tried fitted perfectly and it was a shame cause l only had a budget for two pairs and in the end l took home these. They were the right length and the waist was perfect.
I paired the jeans with a
Top – Forever 21
Leather jacket – Dorothy Perkins
Shoes – Newlook