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Gave myself a Little challenge, to find an outfit with just ¬£25. Looking back to when l started blogging l feel like l have moved no from my original style and concept but then again that could do with growing up and my style evolving. I used to find and create looks for next to nothing. The one thing that has not changed is l love fashion but l don’t like it to cost me a lot. Blogging can be very costly and then life it’s self is very expensive too so to keep doing what l love budgeting is very essential.
Now and again l devote one day to window shopping in charity shops and vintage stores. The first day is just for searching and creating looks with pieces l already have and l dont buy, instead l go home and think about what l saw. The second day is when l go back with fresh eyes and buy only what l need and pieces that l know will last me longer too.I do the same thing most times with high street shopping and even online shopping. I really enjoy playing dress up,l feel it distresses me and at the moment I have put on a lot of weight so it gets me out of the house and l walk a lot. So the first day l pick a street and because l live off the bridges in Edinburgh, Nicholson Street is my usual pick and it has a total of 12 charity shops and three vintage stores. Morningside area has great charity shops too and it’s good to give to charity.
My challenge last week was to find all the pieces that are trending for the fraction of the high street prices.
From the Charity Shops on Nicholson Street Edinburgh:

Top (new) labelled Marks&Spencer £2 РCharity Shop

Skirt LabelledH&M (charity shop)- £3

Bag (charity shop) Р£5

Shoes new @ Here £14