A few years ago I bought a black vintage dress which l loved very much. I fall in love with every vintage piece l buy but there was something about the way that dress fitted. For a little while I regretted selling it.
Two years later which was last month l went over to the Vintage Kilo Sale and there it was a similar dress, I could not wait to get home and try it. I was meant to have such a dress in my Closet, you would think. Well I’ve gone and done it again, I sold it. I have a lot of people on my Facebook who live in places were they don’t get clothes as easily as we do in the UK or even here in Edinburgh. Cause l feel vintage is huge in Glasgow and Edinburgh and not so much in most part of the UK. I find it more expensive too in other parts of the UK. So when people are really genuinely in need of an outfit l will be wearing l end up selling cause my changes of finding a similar piece are greater. Managed to wear it to a wedding though which was lovely.